Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wallpapers of Galactic football

As my first one i want to post wallpapers of  Galactic football
This wall paper contains Rocket(Captain of Snow-Kids) with the Galactic Football Cup
this wall paper contains DJok of snow-kids
Yuki stopping a goal during practice session
Tia(Snow-Kids) in action
Captains of various teams in galactic football and containing 
Kernor (Rykers),Lurr (Xenons),
Lightnings (Warren),Woowambo (Wambas),
Stevens (Pirates),Sinned(Shadows),Djok (Snow-Kids)

if you want above images as wallpapers then go to URL :   Link  
if you want icons related to snow kids then go to URL :   Link 
please suggest me as comments how to improve quality of my posts and please ignore any errors that occurred with out my notice

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